Codger Suggests it’s Time to Replace Internet

He’s not even a boomer, how can he know about these things?

We can no longer rely on last-generation technology, which has essentially remained unchanged for 40 years, to power Internet performance,” says Mr. (Larry) Roberts, who is 69 years old.

So what’s a boomer say? Mr. Bosack (55 years old)

Last month, his company, XKL LLC, unveiled a system that allows businesses to connect to underground cables that have nearly 100 times the capacity of current telecommunications pipes.

The actions of Messrs. Bosack and Roberts fuel the growing debate over whether the Internet’s current infrastructure is sufficient to handle the explosion of bandwidth-hungry services such as Internet telephony and video.

“The Internet wasn’t designed for people to watch television,” he says. “I know because I designed it.”

All I know is I want what I want, but faster.  Lord help us all if the government gets involved in this in any other way than giving the geeks a blank check and tell them their companies or universities can keep what they don’t spend.

“Larry wants to get it right,” says Dan Brown, a venture capitalist at ArrowPath Venture Partners in Redwood Shores, Calif., which has invested in Anagran.”

It’s too important to turn this over to a bunch of Xers, Yers, and Millenials. They should just show up and let the old dudes tell them what to do and when to do it.

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