Do You Know the French Word for Red?

After I got our new computer (w/XP – not Vista) I was humming right along installing all the peripherals: scanner, webcam, external hard drive, printer, etc.

I guess when I was installing the printer, I got click happy and set the language to French.

Well, what the hell. It’s just print and there are lots of graphics on the preferences panel to figure out landscape/portrait, text only, glossy paper, etc. Plus, I can bluff my way through written French to figure out simple things.

So I left it.

I told techhy SIL and we had a big laugh. I explained to best half that she just needed to hit print and don’t worry about the French. If she wanted to use glossy paper – set it to glacè.

Best half asked later if I would please fix printer because she wanted to print some photos and the red didn’t print. “Maybe it doesn’t understand french for red” she said.

She was serious. Honest. I know when she is yanking my chain.

And I’m supposed to take her seriously when she says my car with 10000 miles on it is leaking oil.

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