Even a Smart Aleck Can be Humbled

 I’ve had visits to my blog from around the world.  I sit behind the keyboard and riff about stuff and it can be read by the world. As Cliff commented earlier, I never know which wall I will be bouncing off of. But it’s cool to think that reaching a world-wide audience is simplier than mailing a letter to a single person.

I don’t have regular readers from the fifteen places listed here, but even if by mistake someone dropped by, that’s pretty cool.

  • Beverly Hills
  • Winooski
  • Feastorville Trevose
  • Wasilla
  • Bala Cywnd
  • West Bromwich
  • Reykjvik
  • Le Kremlin-Bicetre
  • Christchurch
  • Porirua
  • Bangalore
  • Mandaluyong
  • Kampala
  • Pretoria
  • Kalamazoo

Then there is this: all this data was collected, analyzed and presented by Google. Free. So if I can know this much with just a few lines of code and a few clicks, imagine! Google wants to hire 2,500 new employees.  They have something in the works. All we can do is hope that “do no evil” remains foremost with them.

Thank you to everyone to stops by – on a regular basis, semi-regular, or just by accident. BIG thanks to those who comment and keep things interesting.

Humbleness over, we now return to smart-assery. 

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Even a Smart Aleck Can be Humbled — 3 Comments

  1. @Paul: Overland Park, Witchita, Mission, Desoto, Lawrence is the best I can do!
    @Micki: Spanning the globe to bring you the thrill of victory and the agony of da feet.