Finally! The Answer to Why I Blog

I finally have found the real reason I have been writing all this wonderful prose and astounding witticisms.

My brain made me do it.

No really, it’s not me, it’s my brain.  Just like when a person falls into an epileptic seizure, you don’t say the person does it, it was their brain misfiring.

Or sneezing. Ever try to sneeze on command? If Jack Bauer had a bazooka to your left ear and said “sneeze or I release six pounds of explosive rocketry” could you do it? No.

Blogging could be a form of Tourette Syndrome. An unexpected and unfathomable outburst of inappropriateness. Think those people WANT to shout obscenities at Synagogue? You think I want to write this blather day after day? You’re suffering too because you read it!

Of course, I have science to back up my assertion – of course I do!

“The case against Sixty must be dismissed. He cannot be held responsible for smashing Bill Gate’s face into a pulp. He is not guilty, it was his brain that did it. Blame not Sixty, but his overactive amygdala.”

The legal profession in America is taking an increasing interest in neuroscience. There is a flourishing academic discipline of “neurolaw” and neurolawyers are penetrating the legal system. Vanderbilt University recently opened a $27 million neuroimaging centre and hopes to enrol students in a program in the law and neuroscience.

I can’t wait for the day. When this becomes a bonafide defense, I am turning myself loose on society.

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