First New TV Hit of the Season Ends Tonight

It’s time to sign up for Netflix, because the new tv season is coming to an end!  Soon we will be into reruns.

It’s hard for me to think of a show that was more universally praised this year than AMC’s Mad Men. An unlikely hit from a network that had never done a weekly original series before, the show about an advertising agency in New York in 1960 had critics declaring it one of the best shows on TV almost as soon as it premiered in July. The show has been renewed for a second season, with 13 more episodes scheduled to air starting next June.

Following the hugely successful strategy started by HBO – perfected with the Sopranos series – ABC will remove a critically acclaimed series until next friggin’ JUNE. I think the Sopranos skipped something like 18 months.

We all are aware how stupid network executives are only because they constantly reinforce it by making bonehead moves like this one.

You would think they would treat their fans better. Me? I’ve never seen it.

Bring on more game shows! Bring back:

  • Beat The Clock! (oh, that’s been done, where the people do stunts and eat gross things)
  • Queen for a Day!  (Done – the show where Trini Lopez knocks down some single mom’s house and rebuilds another one.)
  • Gong Show! (direct ripoff – American Idol)
  • Password! (Oops forgot that Reege is bringing that back – maybe to replace Mad Men?)
  • Concentration Camp! (crap – Kid Nation)
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First New TV Hit of the Season Ends Tonight — 3 Comments