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I guess the big tv hit of the season is supposed to be Pushing Daisies. The protagonist owns a bakery that specializes in pies called The Pie Hole. The blogger at hasn’t posted in over a year, so he better get in on the dough. is nondescript site too.

Pretty clever name for a bakery, right?
In case you own a bakery and want a similar domain name, here are some suggestions came up with:

  • (how is that domain not claimed by a pron site?)
  • (that rolls of the tongue nicely… pievoid, sounds like a guy from Joisey referring to a pervert. “Getcha hads off m’ass, ya pievoid!”
  • (more pron!)

Hey Bob, you better put together a commercial with hot little Danica visiting so it can be turned down by the Super Bowl folks. And Bob? Remove the earring!

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Comments Has Alternatives to — 2 Comments

  1. Pie hole, good Lord. Thanks to their 23-year-old sister Erika, my boys have learned the expression “Shut your pie hole” and use it frequently and enthusiastically to each other. Charming.

    I like Pie Void, too; reminds me of a legal document wherein the word “asshole” was defined as “a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.”

  2. hehehe, your boys! I liked your Sam post. Loving.
    You are thinking like a lawyer’s wife! LOL.