Have You Ever Read a Book As It’s Being Written?

Cheryl Hagedorn, who is going like sixty too, is giving us the opportunity to watch her blook Gold Medal Murder develop chapter by chapter. A blook is a book on a blog. Each chapter is a new blog post. This is the second in a series of her Senior Center Murders. The first book, Park Ridge,  is available here.

Here’s a taste

Chicagoland skies glowered and spit as Ceci Cantrell maneuvered the Jetta through the afternoon traffic.

One of these days I will KILL that woman. I can’t take it any more. I hate to even go to Creative Writing. Everywhere I turn, there’s the Grammar Cop. Constantly carping about dangling participles, split infinitives, and ambiguous antecedents. I’ll see her “ante-cedent” and make her a de-cedent! Take that, Lucille Murray, and stuff it up your dictionary!

Good luck Cheryl.

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Have You Ever Read a Book As It’s Being Written? — 2 Comments

  1. Hmm, sixty too (62) ahead of you! Thanks, GLS. I’ll be posting a new chapter every other day, if the creek don’t rise. I can’t help but ask about the antecedent / decedent thing. Was I just being too clever?

  2. I’m pretty simple minded and I thought it was a neat play on words – it was clever, but not too clever.

    Seems to my simple mind the text I quoted was a pretty good hook!