Hurry Up Time Change

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I wish Daylight Saving Time would end tomorrow. Not because I dislike Daylight Saving Time, to the contrary, I wish Daylight Saving Time was year ’round.

But I want the clock in my car to be correct.

Right now, it’s an hour slow.

Stifle yourself. Quit chuckling. Stop shaking your head as if to say “you poor pathetic man.”

I don’t know how to change the clock in my car. There I said it.

I have pushed every button and combination of buttons I can think of.  I think the number of combinations is equivalent to the number of Changs in China.

Look for the a little hole, you’re saying. I’ve poked so many holes… well you come up with an analogy and put it in the comments if you feel inspired.

Look in the manual, you’re saying now. HA! Do you know where the manual is to your car?  I’m not talking about the maintenance manual, I’m talking about the operator’s manual.

You do?  Well aren’t you anal!

My wife borrowed the car and her friend called and wanted to know if it was OK if she changed the clock to the correct time. “Sure.” After 10 minutes, she gave up.

Just in case, I have a Dodge Magnum. If anybody can figure out how to reset the clock, let me know.

Otherwise, I’ll wait until next Spring and take it to the dealer. I’m not proud, I’m an old fart that is supposed to be technologically challenged.

UPDATE: I found the manual and read it. The clock is controlled by the GPS menu. Pssssshhhyeah.

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Hurry Up Time Change — 10 Comments

  1. @Catch Her: Smarty-pants.
    @hmmmmmmm, tempting, but no. I can’t find the DAMN MANUAL you sweet thang.

  2. OH YEAH … Those darned clocks. I have an old granny van I use when I have more than 3 grandkids to haul and it’s clock is still an hour off because in Utah there was some kind of a vote to move Daylight Savings to the end of the month this year. I don’t have a clue who got to vote on that, because no one asked me my opinion. My biggest problem with that car is trying to figure out if the clock is right or wrong … I can’t ever remember.

    I also have an old chiming anniversary clock that used to be my mother’s. It is always off and I haven’t got a clue how to fix it. If you change the time it changes itself to a different time. It runs on batteries and when the batteries start to run down the clock starts to run down. It’s got so much sentimental value I just let it tick and chime whenever it wants.

    I enjoyed browsing your site. Come visit mine any old time.

  3. Hi Edna, welcome. Yeah old clocks are great – reminders of the days when if they were fifteen minutes slow, it was close enough.

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  5. @Rita: call a dealer to set the clock? I guess you haven’t dealt with a car dealer service department lately! If it’s not in the computer, they don’t know what to do.