I Am Not a Suicide Bomber. I am a Boomer.

Grandad is having a real problem with us Baby Boomers. He ranted about it a couple days ago, but unlike most rants, something constructive may come of it.

There is one thing that gets on my tits though. There seems to be this thing in America of calling people Boomers. I hate that expression.

So he challenged the couple dozen people that read his blog to come up with a new label for those of us who aren’t GenX bloggers – and certainly something to replace Elderblogger.

So if people must apply some kind of label to those of us who’s lives don’t orbit around the latest episode of ‘Heros’ or Bebo or what Paris and Britney are up to, then let’s think up a new label.

His commenters are closing in on a new term. Please put your sunglasses on your head, your shorts, and your Aran sweater and loudly interject your ideas.

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