M & M’s Should Not be Segregated


Does this picture bother you?

It bothers DrPepperIsGood4theSoul.

She won’t eat M & M’s until she has sorted them.

I won’t eat them if they’re all scrambled and in a messy pile of colorful uh .. colors. No, I must sort them and eat one color at a time, making sure not to mix colors.

She wastes time sorting them! That’s just weird. I asked her about the holiday two colors only M & M packages. She hasn’t responded, but if she says they are not as good as classic M & M’s I will light the flame thrower.

She also sorts Skittles and eats them the same way.

Calling M & M’s Vittles just to make a word play on Skittles is blasphemy. Mars, we have a problem.

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M & M’s Should Not be Segregated — 13 Comments

  1. Hell, I don’t even have time to look at the colors as fast as I eat them, let alone sort them. I think that’s called willpower with a splash of ocd.

  2. I don’t sort them either, plain, peanut butter, w/nuts…Speaking of M&M’s I feel the need to bake cookies. Went to a local movie rental store yesterday that’s going out of business. Bought movies and movie-sized Candy packages…and got a case of Reeces pieces I need to move. LOL.

  3. The only thing that bothers me about that picture is that it reminds me that I’m out of M & M’s. I LOVE THEM….and have all my life. I love the colors….together….like one huge happy family. A family who takes frequent trips…to Tummyland. Thanks for the reminder Mark.

  4. @Kim: attagirl!
    @Hope: A CASE??? YOU have the good house for Halloween.

    I just took chocolate muffins out of oven. I saved enough batter for me! I called my wife at the grocery to make sure she got more pumpkin, and she said to look in the pantry, there were four cans. She’s a good woman to anticipate my needs!

  5. Hi Joy, we were writing at the same time!
    However, a family has different sizes, shapes, colors, and guts. Therefore, I am rejecting your analogy because there is only one true M & M! The rest are marketing tricks.

  6. I didnt call them vittles for a word play on Skittles. I called them vittles because that’s what I call food. And if it’s weird, then so be it .. I enjoy being weird.

  7. @Red – OK, I always go for the easy word play. I guess I am projecting…
    @Hope: Chocolate Muffins! You had to ask???

  8. LOL…I knew that…gotta another similar recipe I’ll have to send you, almost the exact same, but baked in a 13×9 pan and has an easy icing/topping….

  9. Icing/Topping? That sounds above my pay grade. Send it, I promise to make it and will send you or post it for a visual critique because I know presentation is everything.