One of My Favorite Bloggers Says Good-bye

Grandad says goodbye.

His farewell post was written just a few hours ago, or yesterday, I never know because I’m not really sure where Ireland is.

It was done as a joke. It was also done as an experiment, because I knew nothing about blogging.

If I had read other blogs before starting this, I might have adopted a completely different style. But I knew nothing, so just wrote whatever came into my head.

It has been a bit of a roller coaster of a ride. It has made me many friends; some real, some virtual. I have been introduced to the world of podcasting. I have been asked to write for the Irish Times. I have appeared on television. All because of the blog.

I started blogging last March with the same attitude and for the same reasons. I also would have come at this with a different style. I would have taken Grandad’s style which is snipppets from real life: hitting turds at his neighbor’s house, shooting tourists, sending tourists to the bog when they asked directions, etc.

Its easy to write a blog like his. Writing a blog like mine is much harder.

It hasn’t been hard work, because I enjoyed it.

I base many of my observations on pure fiction. Most of my posts are pure fiction. It is much harder to mislead readers. Plus, I really hate blogging. I only do it because my Best Half said I needed a hobby. She didn’t consider looking at porn suitable. Yelling at the TV, while enjoyable, even gets a little aggravating to her.

So even though Grandad has bid us farewell after reaching 17,000 visitors last week, he won’t be missed. Curmudgeons are a dime a dozen. Besides, there is always K8 the Gr8, who is taller and prettier than Grandad (when she shaves.)

Farewell Grandad. Air In Your Bra.

God Bless America!


May I have your inventory of pixels? I am going to continue until one year or I reach 17,000 visitors total.

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One of My Favorite Bloggers Says Good-bye — 8 Comments

  1. Oy! I never said I was quitting.

    If you meet with people, do you say goodbye when you part? [Of course you don’t – you’re American!] Does that mean you are never going to speak to them again? Of course not. I was just being polite. That’s all.

    God Save America.

    P.S. You can’t have my pixels. They’re mine. Go get your own…

  2. Hi Priscilla. Thank you. I like to take shots at Grandad, he’s such an easy target!