Playing the Ponies, My Horse Came In.


“Number 2, second race, $20 to win.”

I’ve always wanted to say that and then cash a winning ticket.

“My horse came in.” That’s what you hear when somebody comes into some unexpected money. In this case it’s literally true.

I know a bunch of guys that went bought partial ownership in a race horse: Allinondeputyjin “out of The Deputy and Jin Mill” as a real race horse person would put it. “The Deputy was her daddy and won the Santa Anita Derby” one of the owners told me. If you look back a few generations, you’ll see some names you recognize as Kentucky Derby winners.

Whatever. Like most betters, all I care is where she was at the end of the race. As you can see from the picture, she won pulling away.

For my $20 bet I collected $42. That’s fun.

After the horse won, the owners invited their friends to be in the winner’s circle picture.

That’s cool. A once in a lifetime deal for me, you can bet on that!


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