Please Recommend One New Blogger to Me

I’m looking for a few good excellent blogs. Everybody on my blogroll has earned their way there and will remain (except for those that don’t.) Some have cut down quantity of postings because of life changes. Therefore, I would like to add some new ones. I’m not very picky, that’s why I’m asking you. If you had good taste you wouldn’t be here.

Please look at your blogroll and recommend one of your favorite bloggers. If you want to email me so you don’t hack off the others, that’s OK too.

Here are my criteria:

  • Not an A lister.
  • Posts at least daily.
  • Witty/funny. Profane and/or smutty witty/funny is OK.
  • No politics (or rarely.)
  • I don’t what to have to think too much.

Thank you for your support.


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Please Recommend One New Blogger to Me — 5 Comments

  1. My son in law is my blog guru … you might check his blog out. He’s not a boomer, of course, because that would make me even older than I am, but he gives a lot of sound advice and opinions on technical stuff and some fun insites to life situations. is his latest blog that coincidentally refers to me!