Prediction: This WordPress “Tool” Will Be as Welcome as Snapshot

Starting today, bloggers using as their blogging platform will be offered an integrated tool to easily link words in their posts to definitions and explanations from The service will also be available as a plug-in ( for users of the more customizable service.
To use the new feature, bloggers will press the
AnswerLinks(TM) icon ( on
the WordPress editing toolbar to trigger an application that will suggest
terms for automatic linking.

I’m a little link whore short and stout, here is my post with little clout, when I need more traffic brought about, I seed my blog beyond any doubt.

UPDATE: Failed. I put five random words in a text box on a post and clicked the icon after each word.

  • susquehanna – maybe to localized
  • sesquicentennial – maybe to specialized
  • porn – maybe to dangerous
  • michigan – hmmmmm
  • – ???

Here is the result for all five words:noanswer.jpg


UPDATE: It’s working. I may be wrong about it’s value. When I checked the above post it suggested I provide a link to define “plug-in” (which is good) but also “.org” which is pretty lame.  When I upgrade to 2.3, I’ll probably add the plug-in for a while.

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