Spinning Dancer Test Improved – Now More Revealing




  1. Stand on your head or turn monitor over (unless you got a really cool monitor that rotates, in that case, go away.)
  2. After you or your monitor is upside down, put your mouse on the opposite of the keyboard than normal.
  3. Right click, which is normally left click if your mouse was on the right, if it was on the left and you moved it to the right, ignore this step and return to original location.
  4. Push the f5 key thrice.
  5. If the figure rotates clockwise, ie. ass over tea kettle then you are write brained.
  6. If the figure rotates like a Bada Bing grinder you are seeing things and should shut down – not your computer – yourself.
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Spinning Dancer Test Improved – Now More Revealing — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Ed, I couldn’t resist because that spinning nudie is everywhere I looked. hmmmmmmm, may that is too revealing!