Test Your Financial Astuteness

I got a Google check today! $114 for two months. I spent half of it last night buying a service contract to get my wireless network operational. I think I will invest the other half.

Please help me.

You have a choice:

  • One share of Google


  • One ounce of Gold

Which one and why? You must pick one. They both will cost about the same – well Google will reach parity with gold next week probably.

Extra credit for annotations and links back to this post.

UPDATE: GOOG $710 gold $790; next week parity. If you act on this post, your blood test will come back “unknown species” and you may lose money.

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Test Your Financial Astuteness — 4 Comments

  1. You got $114 for only 2 months?! Good God, that takes me all year to make. What kind of ads are you running? Porn?

    I’d take the gold. It’s currently running about $100 ahead of Google and heading upwards still. Google looks to keep going, but you never know. If Hillary becomes president they’ll likely be attacked by the new attorney general and then the stock will plummet.

  2. Google ads: I will be releasing my book soon. It’s called “Piss on the A List and Get Rich.”
    Gold? I’ll put you in that column.

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