The Dumbest Thing I Have Read on a Blog Yet.

US Auto Industry  Cars like AMC Javelin were once prized for their beautiful lines and raw power. They could be seen as emblamatic of America’s hold on the car industry.

That may be the dumbest thing I have ever read on a blog that is stated as raw fact, not opinion. “emblamatic of America’s hold on the car industry.”  The Javelin.

Later my hunch is confirmed.

…Javelins that the Alabama Department of Public Safety’s State Troopers used…

adpsjavelin_05_resized.jpg  It’s a Javelin – a JAVELIN. There is no beautiful lines, no raw power. It’s a Javelin. The Javelin was built by AMC – American Motors Corp. which was formed from NASH and HUDSON.

What next? The Nash Metropolitan is the car that started the small car revolution?

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The Dumbest Thing I Have Read on a Blog Yet. — 2 Comments

  1. In all fairness, the AMC Javelin was highly influential on body design in the early ‘pony’ and ‘muscle’ era (late 60’s, early 70’s) — influencing Ford’s Mach range of Mustangs and Cobras, the Dodge Cuda, and the Chevy Malibu, Cutlass, and Super Sport lines (including the Cutlass version of the El Camino).

  2. Fair? You’re new here aren’t you? Anyway, how can you guage “influence?” Back then designers were being traded among car companies like baseball cards. A small group of auto designers are going to turn out similar looking and performing cars.
    While drivers were clamoring for Vette’s and Mustangs and GTO’s and Malibus, AMC was flopping around.