Today’s Dilbert Comic Wasn’t As Funny As the Original.

On Saturday, 10/6/07, my Dilbert comic will only be slightly amusing. It would have been highly amusing but I had to change two words for my editors.


thought I could get away with “turtle head” because the naughty meaning isn’t universally known and an actual turtle’s head would fit Dilbert’s analogy just as well. So there was a degree of deniability built in. And turtles are cute, damn it!


Did you know that turtle head is a slang meaning for turds peeking (peaking?) out your butt?

Usually a turd that is on its way out and you have not made it to a toilet.

OH, Man I’ve got to crap really bad. I have a turtle head licking/chewing cotton.

Here’s how the comic ran today in case you missed it.


Scott Adams is right of course

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