Warning: First Boomer Causes Global Upset

Start buying Canadian Great Lakes property now. Before you know it, that will be the sun belt lake front property. Make sure your property rights extend well into the lake and you live in a mobile home because when they start tapping the Great Lakes for drinking water the shoreline will be a moving target. Lay claim to any bounty that may be exposed. I’m sure Jimmy Hoffa is offshore in Lake Erie.

In our region, it’s been way hot, and way dry, and no thunderstorms, and no tornado warnings (usually a regular deal.) Now when the leaves are supposed to be pretty they are dead and falling.

We have a tornado watch. It’s hot and humid.


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The first boomer applied for social security and started this gigantic global dynamic, I’m blaming her. I’ll be she has a broom she’s been riding to all these media interviews.


Or it’s all those Dyson Tornado Vacuums.

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