Yeah, Patronizing, That’s What It Is

I knew there was something I didn’t like about boomers getting all this publicity lately that we have money to spend and we don’t have the brand loyalty all the Madison Avenue types said we did.

Adverganza called it patronizing

The data supporting the fact that baby boomers aren’t exactly over the hill has been around for just about as long as the term itself, Pollack notes, saying ” … it’s kind of galling that just now marketers have woken up to boomers’ value.” I’ll say.

Adverganza was referring to this column in the Koran of Advertising called Boomers Don’t Want Your Pity, but They Do Demand Your Respect.

Yeah, respect. If you Xers don’t give it to us, we’ll park our SUV’s on your bike.  I like this attitude:

The $2 trillion stuffed into my pocket and those of my fellow baby boomers had inexplicably drawn the attention of everyone from Unilever to Martha Stewart and Ann Taylor, who have curiously developed a keen interest in courting my generation.

And I say: Now you want me? Too damn bad.

Yeah, too damn bad.

Patty Bloomfield, VP-account director at Boombiz. “Boomers are saying, ‘I’m aging, but I’m going to do it in a way that’s graceful and still about who I am.”

Yeah, graceful.

And you know what? An apology wouldn’t hurt.

Yeah No, better idea: send boomer bloggers cash.

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