Always Complaining About Drug Commercials? Is Big Pharma Wasting Their Money?

Millions and Millions of dollars are spent to convince us to use more prescription drugs.

Research was released that indicated that these big pharma commercials were the most recalled during the 2006 -07

Here are short descriptions of the commercials. Can you name the product or drug company?

  • 1 and 2 moth flies over bridge and water and into people’s homes/tents.
  • 3 clothes falls on woman and she sneezes.
  • 4 bee talks about prevention of nasal allergy symptoms
  • 5 Abraham Lincoln, talking beaver, man in suit and man in diving suit at a bus stop
  • 6 (ties) Dr. Robert Jarvik in white lab coat discusses risk of heart disease and stroke caused by high cholesterol.
  • Man at fish market near ocean whose cholesterol is out of wack; his body splits into various sections.
  • Plates of food shown next to shots of relatives such as Grandpa Bow and bowtie pasta.
  • 7 (tie) Couple talks about the risks of contracting herpes; 70% of people affected got it from their partner.
  • Couples in various romantic places including laying in front of fireplace, in restaurant, in rowboat and laying on hammock.
  • 8 (tie) Young women including a cowgirl, colorguard, gymnast and softball player say they want to be “One Less”
  • Woman in red vest walks along a beach; splits into two and says she has high blood pressure & cholesterol.

Answers here.

Whaddya think? Was the money well spent? Did you recall these companies and their commercials? How about the ones that applied to you or that maybe applied to you? Did you do better with those?

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Always Complaining About Drug Commercials? Is Big Pharma Wasting Their Money? — 2 Comments

  1. I purty much make it a point to ignore every commercial, advertisement, article, etc. about such as I learned years ago after working in a medical environment that the power of suggestion has a tendency to have a TERRIBLE effect on a person’s health. 🙂

    I pay attention to my body rather than the ads, etc., and KNOW for sure now when it’s truly in need of medical attention. Then I look into whether or not there are alternatives to pharmaceuticals before I resort to them. Generally, the pharmaceuticals make me sicker than I already was to begin with. Just ask George…he resides in the bathroom. 🙂

    So, I guess my answer is yes, they wasted their money in their efforts to reach me via the screen on my TV and the speakers on my audio stuff. 🙂

    Maybe they ought to put those marketing funds to better use like maybe providing meds to someone who truly needs them and can’t afford them?

  2. I don’t think the answer is big Pharma getting any more into the socialized medicine than they already are. But if they could lower prices – and still provide good return to shareholders and/or put more in to R&D, we would be better off.

    Thanks for playing and enjoy our lovely parting gifts.