Denny Crane As Oliver Douglas: Recast Green Acres!


BuzzSugar has a regular weekly feature where readers are asked to recast an old television series.

Green Acres was, and is, one of my favorite moldy-oldies.

So here’s my pick (either real-life or tv character they play.)

  • Oliver Douglas – Denny Crane (William Shatner’s part on Boston Legal.)
  • Lisa – Kelly Ripa (Regis and Kelly co-host)
  • Hank – Michael Scott (Steve Carrell’s character on The Office.)
  • Eb – Sarah Silverman (Eb as a sharp, foul mouthed, jew!)
  • Mr. Haney – Donald Trump
  • Mother Douglas – Dame Edith Evans

Yeah, that would work!

Spoiler: responses to the “contest.”

UPDATE: Hey everbody! Lookit this:

Most recently, she was tapped to work on the newly reimagined pilot of the 70’s sitcom, Green Acres (Para-Scope Productions), with veteran TV helmer Richard L. Bare.

The casting director for the new Green Acres commented below! Kewl –

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Denny Crane As Oliver Douglas: Recast Green Acres! — 2 Comments

  1. In my perfect big budget, big screen adaptation, this is the perfect cast! Leeluvfasion, you really understand the heart of each character…don’t be surprised if I send you headshots and ask for help later! Great job, and thanks for taking an interest! Keep the buzz going!!! Best to all, Pixie Monroe, Casting Director.