Friday Five – Buy These Gifts For a Serious Golfer

If you have a golfing friend – a serious golfing friend – and you’re looking for some wonderful gift ideas, allow me. You won’t believe the look on their face when they unwrap any or all of these gifts.

It will be priceless and you will remembered forever.

auto-golf-tee.jpg Automatic Tee

golf-scoring.jpg Scorekeeper

drink-caddie.jpg Fake Club Drink Dispenser

golf-for-dummies.jpg Golf for Dummies

joke-balls.jpg Joke Golf Balls

There is nothing more than guys like on the golf course than a prankster. Why do you think Caddy Shack is so popular? Guys love it when another player rattles his coins while they are putting. They think it is a hoot when you drop a club on their backswing. They love to race their golf carts to the next tee, cutting off other drivers and slamming on the brakes.

A word of warning however, these gifts should only be given to very serious golfers. Guys out their for the beer and fun won’t appreciate the true value of an exploding golf ball.

UPDATE: The Penis Putter. Keep your head over the ball, use a nice smooth stroke back and forth, straight back, straight in. Never up, never in. Don’t leave it short, about six inches past the hole is perfect. Tend the stick or pull it?


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Friday Five – Buy These Gifts For a Serious Golfer — 5 Comments

  1. Golf, arrrgggh! It’s like a required thing for the rich and snooty in these parts, and golf courses are populated by CEOs, attorneys and surgeons patting their own backs and smoking cigars. Ben and I live a stone’s throw from the Newport Beach Golf Course, and you can imagine what that’s like. Pebble Beach South.

    I do like the drink dispenser though.

  2. I play golf. With my wife.
    I have belonged to a “country club” for fifteen years. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been invited to play a casual round with three other guys. That is not an exaggeration. They have their cliques, and it certainly won’t include a guy that plays golf with a woman – let alone his wife – on Saturday or Sunday.

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