Happy Birthday Polaroid – the Camera That Launched Home Grown Pr##

Sixty years ago today, the morals of America started their distinct downward spiral as Edwin Land introduced the first Polaroid Camera. It was on that day, that guys everywhere decided they needed – wanted – desired – a nekkid photograph of their girlfriend.


In 1963, Land invented instant color photographs to better help the fledgling industry he unabashedly launched.

Continuing through to present day, Polaroid still makes it possible to embarrass the heck out of anyone you want via digital photos.


Now it doesn’t take SIXTY seconds, it’s instantly.

Have we progressed in SIXTY years or what?

Before you go digging around in the attic for your old Polaroid and put it on eBay:

The type 95 was the first Polaroid camera, and it was introduced in 1948. They sold thousands of things in the fire of 1950, so they have no value. In fact, virtually all Polaroid cameras are virtually nothing today. No interest collectible, and not really usable value.

BTW: you do know that waving around a Polaroid photo while outside the camera developing was totally unnecessary and made you look like total retard?

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