If I Don’t Die in a Fiery Plane Crash, You Win Free Blog Ideas

I knew you would show up. You just can’t stay away can you? It’s like something that’s addictive, but it really isn’t, it’s just something you like to do.

So you are here.

I am glad you are.

I’m not here:

Going Like Sixty was horribly burned and died in a fiery plane crash some where near Plains, Georgia today.



His remains will be among the peanuts for eternity. He had two nuts and was totally nuts, so remaining family members felt this was appropriate. He was going to be cremated anyway and the beneficiaries of his vast estate didn’t want to waste the money.

  • If I didn’t die, I am making renewing this offer to fellow bloggers as my Thanksgiving:

Three Free Blog Ideas.

Leave me a comment, and I’ll provide three ideas tailored especially to your blog and your writing style.

Meanwhile, I will be enjoying my Beer fed Turkey with a glass of beer, beer nuts, followed by M&M’s as long as they last. I may even have a whole damn pie for Gloria.

UPDATE: I am alive and well. Please hit me with your ideas. Give me 24 hours or so? OK.

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If I Don’t Die in a Fiery Plane Crash, You Win Free Blog Ideas — 6 Comments

  1. I advise anyone who may respond to this:

    I am suing this person. Anything found in this thread will be scrutinized in legal proceedings.

    Thanks for your attention.

  2. So you’ve hooked me and I’m commenting! The face you chose to post scared the hell out of me as I scrolled down. I’m also now committed to a lifetime of reading Violent Acres, which will probably take a minimum of 50 hours from my life. And now I have to go search Dogs With Cones. God, I hope the writing is not like that popular cat site. So what are your suggestions?

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, GSL, if you’re still with us. If not, Happy Thanksgiving to your survivors 😉

    Lay those ideas on me. Gently.

  4. @Pam: Dogs with Cones is just pics – I’m not that clever! I’m researching your archives now. Be real still.

    @Cheryl: You’re back for another go round? Aw-right, check in on Friday, K?