It Almost Was A Three Way

I submitted these items over a few weeks time, turns out yesterday and today they all hit the pixelways:

Which is worse? Me thinking I have something of value to say? Or the fact that I’m bragging about it?

UPDATE: Just found out that SIL knows this guy that got a question in on the debates last night. So I know a guy that knows a guy…

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It Almost Was A Three Way — 4 Comments

  1. Chicken fried steak is a heart attack on a plate. It is steak coated in batter and fried like chicken, and usually has country gravy on it to boot. I love it, but fear death when I eat it, so I seldom do.

    By the way, this entry had the MOST attention-grabbing headline when it came up on my RSS. I expected smut! I’m disappointed!

  2. @SavvyBoomer: Is this an Amercun thang? As Gretchen says: you can feel your arteries clogging.

    @Gretchen: You are so easy! A little almost smutty headline and you’re hooked.