Just When You Think You Got It Going – Wham!

A stupid commercial has made this a lame cliche. Life comes at you fast.

I participate in a commercial blog that pays me “cigar money” via Google ads.

Today the editor, a young woman – maybe 25 or so – asked me if my daughters read any of the stuff I submit.

Being a smart ass, I asked “When’s the last time you paid any attention to what your dad is doing.”

Sometimes being a smart ass backfires.

She said “today as a matter of fact.” Her father may go blind in the near future. She lives in Vancouver and he lives in Beijing.

Growing up, I only saw my dad once a year, for about one month each summer. He always regretted not seeing us grow up… now he’s worried he’ll never see us again.

Here’s a young woman, editing a top-ranked blog, who should have the world by a string, and she’s having to deal with this.

She’s a stranger. One can’t really know another via a few emails. But she strikes me as a gutsy young woman. She has one of the rare very mobile jobs. I have a feeling that if anyone can make it work she can.

Sometimes life comes at you fast.

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