Kentucky Scientists Grow Cancer Resistant Mice

No smart-assery on this post.

In the past two months, two colleagues have died of cancer, another is living on borrowed time. Four more friends have been diagnosed with cancer, and two acquaintances have it.

I know when you reach a certain age: SIXTY! the odds of knowing someone who has a deadly disease increases.

But these folks range in age from 47 to 90+.

You probably know someone who has cancer, don’t you?

Then this announcement today in Science Daily may give you pause.

A mouse resistant to cancer, even highly-aggressive types, has been created by researchers at the University of Kentucky. The breakthrough stems from a discovery by UK College of Medicine professor of radiation medicine Vivek Rangnekar and a team of researchers who found a tumor-suppressor gene called “Par-4” in the prostate.

Here’s the other thing that will give you pause. There is no “but” in this report. The mice have no defects, grow normally, and have no toxic side effect. The mice actually live a little longer than control animals.

Can it be that we are within a decade of beating Cancer?

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Kentucky Scientists Grow Cancer Resistant Mice — 2 Comments