Learning the Hard Way: Be Careful With Facebook

I had signed up for Facebook and MySpace almost a year ago, just to see what all the fuss was about. When I started getting invites from young females looking for explicit things that a married man shouldn’t do, my Best Half decided that this was a part of the internets she wanted me to stay away from. I signed up yesterday for Facebook again and they rummaged through my gmail and found a bunch of folks with which I had corresponded and sent invitations to be my friends. The first to reply – AND – write on my wall (I  don’t even know what that means) was Grandad.

How sad. You have sunk to the lowest depths, and joined Facebook. At least it will balance up the age profile a bit…

I also heard from Janna. Originally we connected hooked up became blog buddies via Mr. Fabulous. I read her “about” page and eventually learned she lives in a tiny town six miles from an even tinier town where I grew up. So she accepted me as a friend on Facebook and writes my guest post for today (even though she doesn’t know it.) I changed the names to protect the stupid.

Your last name is Sixty? I only knew of two Sixtys around here.  Despite the fact that Lefthandville is a small town where everybody knows everybody else, I never really became a part of all that.  People would know ME, of course, because I’m the daughter of one of the town’s beauty shop owners. But the recognition didn’t go both ways.  I’m shy.   LOL. Can you believe that? And of course I know NOBODY here in Mud Hollow.  I’m kind of a hermit.  🙂 Anyway, here are the two Sixtys I knew of: One was the president of the Sub Prime County National Bank. (president, vice pres, something like that).  I think his name was Wayne Sixty.  Once in a great while he would ask me to play harp at the House of Ill Repute during the Christmas tours.  Despite the fact that he had to have been filthy rich, he would never pay me for this harp-playing.  He expected it all to be done for free.  I’ve always thought that was kind of lousy. The other was some guy who killed his girlfriend, chopped her up, and fed her to his dogs.  He almost got away with it but made the mistake of telling people what he did, and those people told the police.  If I remember correctly, he went to prison but got released a couple years ago.  I have no idea what his first name was, or where he went after he was released. I just tried Googling to find out what his full name was, but couldn’t find it. Part of me was saying “Please don’t let his name turn out to be Going please don’t let his name be Going please don’t let his name be Going…”

Be careful of Facebook if you have skeletons in your closet.

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Learning the Hard Way: Be Careful With Facebook — 5 Comments

  1. Grandad was my first friend. If you get a chance drop by my facebook and read how he said we knew each other. He’s a jewel.
    BTW: did you vote for him for Golden Spider award? And he may be finding out right about now if he won his other big blogging award.