Listen Up Mars – Stop Screwing Around


Warning to M&M’s. Stop screwing around. Concentrate. Focus.

Enough of this kind of foolishness:

Set your sights on our Glass Box Candy Dish. Designed to resemble a beautifully wrapped gift box, this covered dish comes ready for gifting in a MY M&M’S® Signature Gift Box Tower with four 7 oz. bags of Personalized M&M’S®. Height: approx. 4″ tall

That little trinkoid sells for Ninety Nine dollars. Ninety Nine.

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There are 55 pieces per ounce. A 7 oz. bag of M&M’s is 385 pieces of candy on average. Four bags is 2695 pieces of candy.

That is a 25¢ per candy coated morsel that Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand ™.

(Note to self: check if Mars is publicly traded company.)

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