Official Newspaper for Boomers has T’giving Ideas

I got spammed today with suggestions on how I can spend Thanksgiving Weekend. This email was sent to me by the official newspaper of Boomerland – The Orlando Sentinel.

They probably have hundreds of people in their newsroom, access to thousands of wire stories, and this is the best they could do. They were so proud of their ideas, they sent out spam to promote it.

Can you tell me again why newspapers are relevant?

Dear Member,
Got plans for Thanksgiving yet? We’ll help you in the kitchen and show you plenty of fun things to do on this fabulous four-day weekend!

Cooking for the entire clan?

  • # Watch cooking videos (Thursday morning would be a good time)
  • # Try Thanksgiving recipes (hmmm, turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie?)
  • # Print FREE grocery coupons (guess where you can find those!)

Get in the Thanksgiving mood!

  • # View & share fall foliage photos (Hey! they finally got leaves in Florida!)

What to do after the feast.

  • # See a matinee
  • # Check out local events
  • # Play at the theme parks
  • # Watch videos
  • # Visit a nature park

Boy I am sure glad the Boomers in Orlando have the Sentinel to guide them through the Thanksgiving Holiday. Otherwise, they might have confused it with Veteran’s Day.

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Official Newspaper for Boomers has T’giving Ideas — 2 Comments

  1. It’s funny. They must think y’all are a bunch of high tech shut ins!Great blog site, I would link ya but the Great Wells Fargo Vice President would probably call me in his office, rats! htp://