Pay at Pump? Pay Inside? Use Google? Ask Inside?

I am so cornfused right now.

Do convenience store owners want us to come inside the store or not? Where I live, city ordinance REQUIRES prepayment for gas. But I can pay at the pump with plastic or I can go inside.

If Google is successful (duh) I will have a choice whether or not to get directions at the pump or go inside.

If convenience stores add outside toilets, soon there will be no need to go inside except for cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Wait, this makes total sense. Convenience stores make their money via “slotting fees.” Those are fees that vendors pay the store for the privilege to sell their mini donuts, beef jerky, taco chips, etc. Convenience stores make more off of slotting fees than they do selling products.

Google is helping to keep the riff-raff out of convenience stores and make it easier to buy cancer sticks and wishes for riches.

Google = Do No Evil.

Sergey and Brin are my heroes.

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Pay at Pump? Pay Inside? Use Google? Ask Inside? — 5 Comments

  1. I always pay at the pump, unless I have an unnatural craving for a Diet Coke which must be satisfied NOW. I have no use for cigarettes, and I don’t especially have any use for either the staff or the clientele who populate gas station convenience stores. (Yes, I am a Newport Bitch.)

  2. Yep, same here. (not the bitch part) If we are on the road looking for a place to eat, I’ll always suggest a gas station, and that usually gets rid of the “I don’t care” response.

  3. Brilliant! I always complain when Ben subjects me to a place with no table service, or suggests that we eat Costco hotdogs (do you have Costco there?). Confronted with the idea of a gas station, though, I’d gladly accept Burger King.

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