Ready for My Ass Close Up Now Mr. DeVille

I may be on my way to Hollywood. This could be the life-changing moment I have been looking for.

I am thinking of become an Ass Double. Not twice the ass I am, that would be nearly impossible

Some actors don’t like to show their butts. I think Britney Spears is one. She’ll show you her vajayjay just getting out of the car, but I don’t think she has mooned anybody yet. She must have a big ole bunch of stretch marks back there.

Even though my buttocks might be better looking than Brit’s, I’m going for age appropriate.

Christopher Walken is cracking up – he’s holding auditions for a butt double for his new movie! Producers of Walken’s new movie “Five Dollars a Day” bent over backward to please their star when he refused to go along with a script that called for him to bare his 64-year-old behind. “Are they crazy? I’m an old many now! I’m not going to show my a** on screen anymore for anybody!” Walken reportedly fumed.

I be his ass double. That’s the bottom line. A good way to crack into showbiz. Oh, just insert your own bad pun… I’ve already been a butt hole about this.


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Ready for My Ass Close Up Now Mr. DeVille — 10 Comments

  1. Hee! Our whole family loves, loves, loves ass jokes. I think you’d make a great stunt bottom for Chris Walken. In the movie “Notting Hill”, Julia Roberts, who is playing a famous actress (herself, essentially), she makes reference to making use of a stunt bottom.

  2. @Priscilla: I’m speechless. I would love to respond to your post but anything I come up with sounds like snark. Have a nice day!

    @Gretchen: I dint know that. I wonder if there are Stunt Butts? That would be different than ass double, right?

  3. Thus: “The Legend…” I’m compassionate! We would be using an stunt butt remember?

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