Walter Cronkite Could Be My Father

What is wrong with people who are trying to reach the 55+ crowd? Do they not have a clue?

Retirement Living TV – a network aimed that age group – has released more details about Walter Cronkite and their Daily Cafe Show.

Walter “I Cry At Moon Landings” Cronkite.

He’s 91.

He could be my Dad. Easily!

I barely remember him as an anchor, because retired 26 years ago. That’s long enough for him to fade from my memory. He was anointed by the pundits of the time (TV Guide probably) as the most trusted face in America.

That means that people his age and older had this perception.

Younger boomers probably don’t ever recall seeing him as anchor at the Tiffany network.

That doesn’t stop him from thinking he has something of interest to say.

“I am impressed with Retirement Living TV’s mission to serve America’s seniors with programming that is intelligent and informational. I look forward to sharing my insights about our nation’s top stories with the Daily Cafe audience,” said Walter Cronkite.

His son, Walter III, will produce the segments for his Dad. The segments will be introduced by another legend in television journalism, Katie Couric. Obviously CBS has their hands all over this deal.

“Hey dad, tell me about the olden days.”

“Why sure son, pull up to the flat panel, hi-def, 5.0 surround sound, and let me recount that moon landing.”

Obscure cable television. Where legends go to die.

Here’s Katie make fun of Dan Rather messing with his coat, while she messes around with her coat, hair, producers, etc. Rather of course is on HDTV network.

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Walter Cronkite Could Be My Father — 5 Comments

  1. That’s the problem lumping everyone over 55 into one group of “seniors.” That’s like categorizing everyone under 50 into one group.(There’s a big difference between a 10 year old and a 50 year old, just as there is between a 55 year old and a 95 year old.) With life spans ever increasing, the marketers need to establish new market segments for the “senior” population.

  2. Oh c’mom now…you barely remember Uncle Walter? I wanted to be just like him when I grew up—which led me into journalism. The “J” gene runs in the family 🙂

  3. @ Catch Her In the Wry: big pitfall that marketers always make! I’m sure some demographer has divided us up by now – remember the DINK?
    Dual Income No Kids? Maybe I’ll work on some acronyms for 55+.

    @Beverly: I actually can say that I can’t recall him being a big part of our tv watching – same with Huntley/Brinkley. TV news used to be 15 minutes of national once (twice?) a day. Then 30 minutes once a day.
    Now everybody is everywhere doing everything.