Which Dog Shall We Give Away?

We love every one of our four dogs to death. Three are rescues. Sedona is the oldest. She was a pound puppy and the runt of the litter. She now weighs 65 lbs. and is the cause of our angst.Please – no advice on what we should have done. If you know of a way to help us keep all four dogs safely, please help. Otherwise, forget it.

Sedona is the victim of our bad judgment. She has been a great dog for the five years she has lived with us.

When she was three, we rescued another dog, about 20 lbs and the same age. Oliver – a lump of Shih Tzu. Then we rescued another dog, younger about 20 lbs. Derby – the terrorist.

Then we got another dog, 4 lbs. Sofi – a Maltese/Yorkie mix.

The first day Sofi was in our house, (weighing two pounds) Sedona injured Sofi’s eye by being aggressive. Twice more, she has been aggressive toward Sofi. Today she caused nasty cut on her head that required stitches.

We had consulted a trainer and our vet gave us advice, but it hasn’t worked. Again, because we didn’t work at it as hard as we should have. We haven’t tried drugs for Sedona so that is an option.

Sedona gets along fine with Oliver because Oliver is a lump and doesn’t do much except sleep, eat and poop.

She and Derby love to chase and wrestle around because Derby is younger and a terrier and can handle his own. Derby loves to bounce in Sedona’s face and challenge her.

Before she felt like she had to compete with Sofi for our attention, she was a wonderful dog, and is a great companion. She loves to get in bed with us and curl up as best she can.

She loves strangers and has never made a move toward another person. She does jump up when visitors come, but soon calms down.

She belongs in a one-dog home with adults only.

We’ll talk tonight about it. You might be wondering about why not give away Sofi since we’ve only had her for a year. I don’t know. She would be more adoptable.

I don’t know what will happen. I’ve never been in this situation before.

UPDATE: Things have changed markedly after talking with the vet. She suggested some doable alternatives:

  • keep dogs separated at all times (which we can do.)
  • keep Sedona outside during the day and bring her in at night to crate (doable.)
  • put Sedona on a chill-pill. (which we have started.)

It still be a challenge for us to do our part. The vet said Sedona is acting instinctively when the opportunity presents itself for Sedona to show her dominance. If she can do it with Sofi, the next move may be to take on the other two.

Wish us luck!

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Which Dog Shall We Give Away? — 2 Comments

  1. I can’t give any advice better than your vets, but I wanted to give you props for (1) rescuing and (2) understanding that owning a dog is a commitment, not a lark. I hope it all works out for you. The only thing I can suggest is crate training Sofi — all our dogs have been crate trained and perhaps you can teach Sofi to stay in her crate if Sedona is about. I’m sure she will be relieved, anyway. Our basenjis sleep in crates at night, and I also crate them if they will be unsupervised while we’re home, otherwise they will steal the keys and drive our cars away, not to mention chewing up my $200 purse and my favorite shoes.

  2. Hi,
    Three of the four dogs are crate trained. Sedona and Derby march right into their safe space on command and sleep in crates. We’re working on Sofi, she sleeps there at night.
    I’m a great believer in crates. The dogs DO like it.
    More than once we have found Derby the terrorist wandering around the dining room table looking for ANYTHING!