A Vote for Mr. Splashy Pants Tweaks Greenpeacers

Greenpeace decided to run a contest to name some whales that are roaming around the Pacific.

29 of the 30 nominations are for either mythical, Zen-ish, or new-age-type names like Kaimana, Shanti, and Aurora.

And then scanning down the list, you see “Mr. Splashy Pants“.

The contest has ended, but the overwhelming favorite of people voting was Mr. Splashy Pants. While most of the Greenpeacers would have preferred something more meaningful and less cute I’m sure, the contest was open to the public.

The public spoke.

Mr. Splashy Pants will make it’s appearance Monday. They already have the merchandise ready to roll. 

Good for them for having fun with this and showing the public the softer side of Greenpeace.

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A Vote for Mr. Splashy Pants Tweaks Greenpeacers — 1 Comment