aaaaaaaaaah! Where Is the CSS to Change Text Color

I’ll find it, in the mean time you can all lean way in and squint.


It’s not totally Farked up yet, kitty.

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aaaaaaaaaah! Where Is the CSS to Change Text Color — 9 Comments

  1. I like the new look 🙂 … It’s takes me days to change crap on my blog… I’m a CSS dummy. Not sure what ever happened to plain ‘ol html…

  2. Just a suggestion…..
    Look for “entry-content” in the CSS file.
    There should be a line – color: #whatever
    Try changing that?

  3. @Kim: Thanks for the compliment. I know html, but just left CSS alone because there was no need. But this theme is pretty straight forward so I thought I’d give it a go.

    @Grandad: OK! Thanks for the clue. I will go a-huntin’

  4. Just tell your readers:
    click on ‘Edit’ (browser) then on ‘Select All’ and everything will be immediately highlighted and visible. No need for all that CSS stuff, unless you really want it to look nice when it opens. Readers should have to work for such an interesting content.

  5. Hi Jean: what a great idea! Readers would appreciate it if they have to work for it. I like the way you think. Or is this your nice way of saying the new theme sux???