All My Plug-ins Updated For Christmas

This is pretty cool, Kirk just sent me an email.

I updated three plugins (Aksimet, obsocialbookmarker and Subscribe to Comments) and added two more (OneClick and All-In-One-SEO).

With obsocialbookmarker I added one more icon to your list; “BlogLines”. One of the main movers that blog popularity is judged by. Some of the others being Google Page Rank, Alexa rank and Technorati among others.

All In One SEO:

The second new one is the All-In-One-SEO plugin which helps quite a lot in your blog’s Search Engine Optimization. Some of the biggest things is it optimizes the post titles by putting the post title before the blog title as far as the search engines go (much better than the default way with blog title first). It also automatically generates a description (for search engines) for each post based on the first few lines of the post itself. 

He’s a winner! If you need help with the back end of your WordPress blog or want to switch to WordPress, he’s your man.

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