Cartoons Before Movies Are Back!

How did I forget to tell you this earlier?

Before the National Treasure movie (a barn-burner as I predicted) there was an animated short subject. A cartoon! Just the the old days.

I kept waiting for the commercial message, but there was no blatant pitch. Being a skeptic (understatement of the hour) I think Disney was pushing HDTV.

The cartoon was about Goofy (the one that walks on two legs) getting his new home theater set up. It was well done. One scene was getting all the components: about a dozen, another was opening up the blister pack for the cables which then exploded into red and black and blue spaghetti covering Goofy.

There was a reference to the handy plug in jacks – located at the rear of the unit – which Goofy solved by taking a chain saw to the outside of his house. Locating the speakers, the two dozen remotes and more.
It was cute. I give it four stars (out of four.) I guess if I want to see more cartoons, I need to stop going to R rated movies.

But I still think it was a plug for Disney HDTV.

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