Everything I Have is For Sale

I’ll sell you anything I own for the right price.

As mention a few times before, we have a Smart on order. It’s just like the one on the cover of the Forbes Wish Book for Bazillionaires.

I got a wild hair yesterday and put our reservation to buy a Smart on eBay. I’m not selling the car, only the right to purchase the car we ordered. We put a $99 down payment to secure the reservation. I’m not even sure we will get the car we ordered. But if it’s not the car we ordered, we can cancel.

When Nanc’ saw the auction listing, I get this email: Why is OUR Smart on eBay?

Seems I have a failure to communicate. I always talked about this would be our third car, my toy, to bip around town in and be a show-off on how trendy I am.

Turns out, she has decided this is going to be HER car to do all her running around in.

Should be interesting the next few weeks as we iron this out.

BTW: if the reservation sells?  I will be one happy camper because I have a hefty – HEFTY – reserve price.  I’m hoping one of the SoCal dudes or a Yalie will want one really bad.

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