Facebook Not a Good Place To Look for Psychiatrist

I suffered a number of mental ailments prior to and upon reaching my 60th birthday.

  • BiPolar Anorexia – I could not decide between the red or green M & M’s so I ate neither.
  • Bulimia PTSD – My birthday was two days after Thanksgiving. I was still eating turkey and dressing like it was my execution day meal.
  • Anti-psychotic Alcoholism – The more I drank the more psychotic online shopping I did.
  • Aging Anxiety and Panic – Sixty! Holy Christ on Toast! Sixty! I’ll die soon!

It never occurred to me to look to Facebook for all the answers. Facebook, the place where people share everything about their lives so that companies can rifle their advertising messages exactly.

Just when I thought Facebook was the answer to all my mental problems, here comes this spoil sport.

There’s a lot of hype (and startups) to go along with trying to get you to buy into their “social networking” websites for health issues.

Since a company is an entity, not a person, it doesn’t have to be personal in these decisions. It makes them as a disconnected “other,” simply something that is trying to convince you that it is “helping” you by offering your data to others, even when it does so at times without your knowledge or permission.

Let me emphasis this for you ADD folks: a company is not a person.

Therefore, if you suffer from a mental illness (you’re here aren’t you? Insanity is not a defense.) Facebook is not the place to see help. I’m guessing MySpace.com is better.

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Facebook Not a Good Place To Look for Psychiatrist — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, drinking and online shopping is SUCH a common phenomenon. Miss Doxie has a whole blog category called “I Got Drunk And Bought Shoes Online.”

    MySpace isn’t good for my mental health. I always feel like a pedophile because I’m like 25 years older than everyone else on there.

  2. Oh Yeah, I feel much better now that you told me a blonde lawyer from SoCal does psychotic shopping.

    I went to MySpace, got “caught” by Nancy, haven’t been back again.