Google Needs to Hire Oldest Boomers. I Need to Piss Into Wind.

Ha! Toad ya. Ahm rat agin.

Google ™ will dominate the world.

They now have access to all our stuff we do online.

The acquisition of DoubleClick combined with Google’s search function and the data it collects from people as they use the Internet could result in Web surfers seeing more advertising that corresponds to their online activities. The trade-off, some say, is that users would lose control over more of their private information to Google.

We all will be working for Sergy and Brin. They know everything about us. They are on every computer in the world. They are taking over the clouds.

Most of this hardware wasn’t on the Google campus. It was just out there, somewhere on earth, whirring away in big refrigerated data centers. Folks at Google called it “the cloud.”

When you interview at Google ™, the robot HR person representing Google ™ will ask a really off the cosmos question. “what would you do if you had a thousand more data?”

See that question wouldn’t bother me because I’m not influenced by data. If I think it can be done, thy will be done, on earth and in the clouds. Google ™ needs to hire older workers. We’re used to the fact that our Tivo has more computing power than (put your own example here – because I can’t think of one.)

Instead they prawley interview new grad students who are dazzled by all the gizmos at the Googleplex.

What recruits needed, Bisciglia eventually decided, was advance training.

Yeah, let’s take all these kids that just finished getting the best edjumacation and start Google 101. The Universities failed them, so Google ™ steps in.

Over the following months, Bisciglia’s Google 101 would evolve and grow. It would eventually lead to an ambitious partnership with IBM (IBM), announced in October, to plug universities around the world into Google-like computing clouds.

Boomers just ain’t that impressed with the computer power coming downstream. We’ve already seen it. We’ll think about the “what ifs” and leave the implementation to the grunts.

Bah, enough already, I’m going to step outside and piss into the wind.

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Google Needs to Hire Oldest Boomers. I Need to Piss Into Wind. — 4 Comments

  1. Well, if Google *is* going to take over the world, they will have to share it with Starbucks, Target and Bill Gates, who are also taking over the world.

    I remember when Google was an itty bitty baby. They grow up so fast.

  2. One of my blogging friends has replaced the phrase “Thank God!” with “Thank GOOGLE!”.

    A truly pathetic (and scary) sign of our times.

  3. @Gretchen: Froogle, online shopping kills Target; Brewgle, online coffee kills Starbucks; Open Sores kills Gates.

    @ Cameron: Nice. I should probably use that rather than Bill Gates is a Prick.

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