Graduating from College Mid-Life: Guts

We have to get up early (for us) on Saturday to see a friend graduate from college. She is just a few years younger than us, and is getting her B.S. in Nursing.

She tried taking classes and working full time, but realized that wasn’t working. So she quit her job. Her husband and family thought she was making a big mistake. A short time later she got divorced because her husband was having an affair. What she went through during the divorce – while attending grueling classes – probably would have killed most people.

But she has the guts – and unwavering support of Nancy – to see her through.

Just a hint of the sacrifices she made: she actually lived in a horse trailer parked in her daughter’s barn. This wasn’t one of those horse trailers that have a section that is meant to live in. She lived in the area where the horses would be hauled.  She lived there through a brutally cold winter. She refused to move in with anyone because she didn’t want to be a burden.

She has guts.

She is going to be one awesome nurse – but Nancy has a deal that when she needs full time care, the friend is obligated.

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