I Called In Muscle to Handle the CSS

I called in Luca Bratzi, Lou Gabratsi, Lew Kabratski, I could Google ™ search it, but I have before and I should remember since it is my favorite three movies of all time.

Jay at Boomspeak.com is having a Godfather Festival where they watch each movie over three days. What a co-inkydink. He also said CSS can cascade me into hell.

So I called in the muscle.

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He’s a submariner, so he can handle the fishes.
BTW: is it sub-ma-reen-er or sub-mare-iner.
So many questions.

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I Called In Muscle to Handle the CSS — 2 Comments

  1. “BTW: is it sub-ma-reen-er or sub-mare-iner.”

    Depends if you want to sound like a prude or not. You know…toe-may-toe or toe mah-toe.

    Thanks for getting my link right. 😉