Largest Magazine Launch Aims for Boomers

Publishing Group of America (PGA) publishes two of the largest circulation publications that you wouldn’t think of if I asked you to guess.

Go ahead. Guess.


Guess again.


They publish American Profile magazine (weekly focusing on smaller cities/towns) and Relish magazine (monthly focusing on food/entertainment.) These publications are distributed via U.S. newspapers, in small markets.

They just announced they have been sold to some investment bankers and with this infusion of moola, they will be expanding.

In the same announcement that they will be expanding, PGA announced they will launch a new publication this fall:

First among these is Spry, a monthly health magazine that debuts next September at 9-million circulation, making it one of the largest launches in history.

I hate the name. I told them so. Apparently they aren’t married to the name yet.

So whaddya think? Does Spry represent the Boomer market?

Not to influence you (ha) but… yuck.

To me, spry is what an George H.W. Bush is: he jumps out of airplanes on his 85th birthday. Or Nicholson and Freeman doing the same.

Break out the scratch box and rap along with me:

Can’t iden-ti-fy

with a deal named Spry.

PGA know da small town

and da food we all down,

the stuffs they print

will have the sparkle and glint.

So Boomer Jack is nimble, boomer Jill is quick.

Spry as a mag name hits me like a brick.

What would I name it? I got a great name, but I’m not gonna tell. People get paid big bucks for that service, and they gonna pay through the nose to crack into my noggin and pry loose my idea.

What do you think of the name Spry for a boomer magazine. If you have a boomer blog, please ask your readers. Or give me a link back so I’ll know you asked.

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Largest Magazine Launch Aims for Boomers — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks, what’s your feeling on the name? Will you jot a little post about it? I don’t get anything from the deal, I’m just curious what other readers of other blogs think.

  2. I think spry is a rather antiquated word. I haven’t heard anyone use that word for years. And it was usually used in combination with “old.” The last thing most health conscious boomers would like to be called are “spry, old boomers.” Terrible name if that is their target market.

    I’ve thought of a better name, too, but like you, only for the right price.

  3. Spry is a great name! Look it up in the dictionary, says nothing about being 80. It’s fun! Sounds like Spring, or Spy, or Sprite…Google it and one of the first things you see is about a 35 year old football player being spry! I’m not sixty yet and love the idea of being spry — sit with it awhile, you’ll come around.

  4. I don’t have a suggestion for the bi-sexual or is it bi-gender magazine:-) OTOH, I saw the phrase “menopausal mamas” on a blog and thought it might make for an interesting mag. Not that I would admit to being either. With my love of ambiguity I realized that the name could be taken at least two ways which makes it a bit precious. Yes, if you’re wondering, I left a note on the young’uns blog taking exception to the expression.