May I Have Your Cell Phone? No, the Dead One.

There’s a great program started by a couple of those no-good teenagers, that you may have heard about, called Cell Phones for Soldiers.

A brother and sister stopped punching each other long enough to find out about a soldier that ran up a ginormous cell phone bill calling home from Iraq.

So they did what most other teenagers would do, they went to the mall they decided there must be a way they could help.

Originally, they collected phones to get reloaded to send to the soldiers. That didn’t work because the Pentagon didn’t want the phones to be used to blow up soldiers.

So, they took the phones they had to a cell phone recycler, got cash, and bought a bunch of phone cards. Now it’s a huge deal.

You can participate by sending them your old cellphones.

If you are a typical American, you will want this to be as simple as possible. It is. When you visit the site, you can print a POSTAGE PAID label and just put your phone in a box and mail it. There are drop points, but that means you would have to leave the nest.

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