Oh Poop, Have a Crappy Christmas – Updated List of Christmas Poop Gifts

I didn’t go looking for these, they just appeared in various RSS Feeds. Rest assured I will keep you updated on Poo Toys as I run across them.

Hi Sam and Ben.

Turd Twister (make designs with your poop)

The Turd Twister is a complete kit for shaping your turd into amazing designs, and it comes with a hilarious instruction manual. Many different designs… including Christmas Tree, Teddy Turd, Lightning Turd…


Poo-lar Bear (edible poop)



Moose Poop Earrings



Nope, It’s Soap



Poop Ornament



Plush Poop Pillows


Yule Doos


Real Rhino Poo from EndangeredFeces.com

Black rhinos have communal dung piles called “middens” which are message stations for other rhinos. A rhino will sniff the pile deeply, shuffle through it, then defecate in the same spot. Most of the time, the animal will also wildly fling the dung around with its back feet, to be sure its own feces carry the primary message, and to be sure its scent is then spread every time it takes a step.

Poop Bank



Bigfoot Poop



I Pooped Today tee shirt (tempted to omit the “r”)



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Oh Poop, Have a Crappy Christmas – Updated List of Christmas Poop Gifts — 4 Comments

  1. Hee, thanks! I just e-mailed this link to Ben. There also used to be a website where you could order an actual box of dog shit to be mailed to someone you hated — it ended up taken down, of course, but it sure was tempting. Our favorite prank is the flaming box of dog shit on the front step, although we’ve never done it personally.

    On Adam Carolla’s radio show last week they were talking about an “upper decker”. This is a prank where you go over to someone’s house and take a dump inside the toilet tank as opposed to the bowl. So their bathroom ends up smelling like crap and they can’t figure out where the hell it’s coming from.

    Poop is SO fun.

  2. Hate to be a pedant but rhinos actually spread their ordure ( there’s a polite word) by spinning their tails like a rotor whilst defectating. Hence ( possibly) the expression ” when the shit hits the fan”.