Osmonds Back On TV – Bring Back the Osbournes too.

I never-ever (well kinda-sorta) thought I had a cool factor. I write a blog, and that’s cool, but I’m going to blow that minuscule cool right now.

I liked the Donny and Marie Show. I still like them. I thought they were cute then. I think they are cute now.

I’m glad there is a chance they will return to TV:

I guess Marie Osmond was buoyed enough by her stint on “Dancing With The Stars” to agree to host a “reality” show with her brother Donny

But not a “reality” show, please. Bring back an old fashioned variety show. (Shit, now I’m negative cool by a lot – I may have to launch a web start-up to get my cool back to even.) Some bands, a comedy act, some skit, a sit down guest chat…

If it’s reality they want, here are my initial ideas:

1. We’re Not Them: A camera crew follows around former child actors who are not famous anymore. Then it’s edited to show them in the worst possible way, and Donny and Marie just hammer ’em with how We’re Not Them.

2. The O Faces: The Osbournes and the Osmonds swap. Ozzy and Donnie; Marie and Sharon. The whole deal takes on a Big Brother meets The Bachelor tone.

I may call my good friend in the casting business and see if she can set up a meet.

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Osmonds Back On TV – Bring Back the Osbournes too. — 2 Comments