Skip Walk Hard / Dewey Cox Story, National Treasure: Book of Secrets is OK

John C. Reilly can sing, or the sound mixer on Walk Hard earned an Academy Award. That’s about the best I can say.  Dewey Cox has a hard time at home because of his making, so his Dad throws him out. He ends up married to two women and ends up with Jenna Fisher (Pam in The Office.)

The movie progresses through all the eras of music with Reilly singing in each of the styles for the time. I walked out during the sixties because it wasn’t funny. It also wasn’t a docu-drama.

Yes, I skipped out of that movie and walked down the hall to National Treasure.

It was OK. Very predictable. It’s a given that everything is going to go the way the Nichola’s Cages character needed. Kidnap the POTUS? Sure! Run a car chase thru D.C. to the Library of Congress? Sure! Have the 500 year old wood hold up until some drama is needed and then all of a sudden collapse? Sure!

I hope that’s the Last National Treasure. It won’t be, the theater was as crowded as I have ever seen.

The producers of these movies have tapped the treasure in movie-goers pockets.

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