Things I Know from Reading Blogs

Things I know from slogging the blogs recently. Wish I would have thought to keep the links. Well, you’ll just have to trust me. It’s on the Arapanet.

  • If you put a camera flash up to your nostril and flash it in a totally dark room, other people can look in your ear and can see your eardrums light up.
  • Their are nine states with the letters B, U, S, H, in their names the rest have D, O, P, E, in them.
  • The left side of a river is always lower than the right because of the earth’s rotation.
  • Kidney donors are urged to drink light beer before donating.
  • Dreams about victory aren’t.
  • Habeas Corpus means Here’s Your Corpse in West Virginia
  • Pennies aren’t worth keeping.
  • Nickels aren’t worth keeping.
  • Foreskin isn’t worth keeping.
  • Guys named Buddy usually aren’t.
  • Social anxiety is the reason dark haired children learn to ride bikes later.
  • Boyfriend bingo is not popular east of the Mississippi.
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Things I Know from Reading Blogs — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, I can’t help but wonder how exactly you know if foreskins are worth keeping? Not to get all personal, but did you have one and like lost it at an age where you would know the difference?

    I’m sorry…I can’t keep myself from asking. It’s embarrassing really…this having no class.

  2. @Queen: 20 years? Heh, you mean about 12 years? I noticed you referred in a post about “crunchy.” Is this a word I should know/use? Or is that yours alone?